Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can i have access to your tips, after payment?

    After payment you will receive an email in your inbox with details about today's tip! This happens usually after 15-30 minutes!

  • What payment methods can i use to buy your tips?

    We accept the 3 most used payment methods: PayPal, Credit / Debit Card and Moneybookers.

  • Do you offer Fee Trial Tips?

    No, we don't! We like to belive that people who request free tips don't have the necesarry funds and mindset to use our tips for long term.

  • How many tips do you send per day?

    Usually we give only 1 tip per day. There are some days when we give more, for example one of this day may be in the weekend!

  • What time do you send your tips on match days?

    All tips are sent many hours before the game start hour. Don't worry, you will have plenty of time to place your bets.

  • What is the bank size and money management you recommend?

    We bet flat, and advise you to follow us with flat stakes. The most conventional approach would be to follow us with 5% of your betting bank and under no circumstances should you take our bets with more than 7% of our betting bank.